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  • I’m interesting in knowing if a mod exists that does the following:

    I have many people, specifically many computer illiterate people, that read my blog everyday. What I’m looking for is a way to notify these daily readers when ever I put up a new post on my blog. Now clearly this is what RSS is pretty much for, but as I said these people are very computer illiterate and I’m looking for a much simpler way to go about doing it. Preferably I would just like the person to be able to enter their email into a form and have it stored in the DB so that when ever I write a new post that person receives a notification email so they can come read the new post.

    Is there anything like this already out there? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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  • Tom Lany


    Google’s Feedburner has a free service that will send daily E-mails of the stories you post to subscribers. Setup is pretty simple, just input your RSS URL, turn on the E-mail feature, and have your subscribers sign up at the address provided.


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