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  • We’re currently using Bluehost, but they can’t handle our traffic. On an average day their servers are fine, but yesterday we were linked by a couple of big blogs and it crashed their server so they suspended our account. Anyway, any suggestions on better hosts?


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    How big is your blog?
    What’s your average traffic?
    How much are you willing to pay?

    We typically get around 2,000 or so uniques a day during football season, but yesterday we had 8,000 in the span of a couple of hours.

    I think we’re gonna try JustHost for now and then later on see if it is economically feasible to get a dedicated server, which it more than likely will not be.

    Well, right now we can’t really pay much more than we were for BlueHost, but we’re hoping in the near future we can generate some more ad revenue.

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    I’ll put this out there right now. For $7/month, you get what you pay for. Period.

    You’re probably on the edge of what you can do with shared hosting. You’re fine day to day but a spike like that will catch pretty much anyone on shared hosting off guard.

    I don’t trust anyone who claims ‘unlimited’ anything, frankly, and I use Liquidweb who is more expensive but they’ve only suspended me once (a similar problem that you had) and when they called me (yes, they picked up the phone to TELL me I was suspended), spent two hours on the phone helping me figure out what the heck had happened and how to fix it, or at least mitigate it. Now I have a VPS with them, and I think they’re the bomb.

    We use Godaddy’s grid hosting; slightly better than regular shared hosting; much more economical than dedicated. Can’t remember, but I want to say it was around $15/mo.

    Oh, and we served around 15,000 pages one Saturday, which got us suspended from our shared hosting, the reason we moved to grid. They won’t shut you down for occasional spikes, and they are handled much better. We probably average 2,000 on a normal day.

    I’ve had nothing but problems with Godaddy and their support sucked when I had them.

    I’m using MacHighway now. No problems this far and they have good plans. Check it out.

    My favorite part about MacHighway is: “100% Powered by Renewable Energy”

    I’ve always found Godaddy’s support right-on. They were very helpful to get me back up the ONE TIME I’ve gone down in the last 3 years. Don’t know what kind of problems you’ve had, kperrone, but 1 outtage in 3 years ain’t half bad. You do have to wait on hold a while when calling tech support, but when it’s only once in 3 years, I don’t mind it too bad 😉

    We have a dedicated server with Liquidweb. Have to say. It’s incredibly rock-solid. Expensive, but soo worth it if u want to capitalize on your traffic. If you have a decent ad/monetization plan in place for your site, dedicated practically pays for itself.

    We get average 8,000 unique’s/day
    can peak at 25,000 unique’s/day depending on season

    We went from a $5/month plan with Bluehost.
    Outgrew that quickly, moved to Liquidweb for their upward growth capabilities.
    Went to LiquidWeb’s shared service initially. Almost crashed their massive shared server. They shutoff our site temporarily so that it didn’t take down the 300+ sites that were on the same server.
    Moved onto a VPS, almost crashed that as well. Same situation.
    Now on a fully dedicated server and is soooo worth it. Extremely fast and can handle ALOT of traffic.
    After going through all types of accounts. I’ve come to the conclusion that VPS’s are the biggest waste of $$.

    Its just a glorified shared server with more admin control. Sure they only share the VPS with 9+ other VPS accounts, but of the 9 acccounts, there could be 100+ websites on one VPS account.
    And you get LESS resources for your database driven site.
    You are better off sticking with a standard shared account or moving straight to a dedicated plan.

    Liquidweb’s tier 1 connection is extremely fast.

    Some friends were on GoDaddy…i had to help them migrate their site.. it’s awful..god awful service. more like no service.



    I don’t know too much about a dedicated plan. but does it mean that you are the sole user on that particular server? that would make sense why it would be so expensive. is there a good alternative to a dedicated server (obviously, VPS is not a good solution for high traffic either).



    is there a good alternative to a dedicated server (obviously, VPS is not a good solution for high traffic either).

    Not so…VPS is a very good solution for those who outgrow the typical shared server, but don’t need the full resources of a dedicated. I’ve had a dedicated server with Liquidweb for about 5 years now and have no complaints. Also, leased a VPS with them back in May of this year…that has been working fine as well.

    The dedicated started out costing me around $5,500 per year (it was their top of the line server when I first leased it–4 gig of RAM, dual Operton 242s, and fast harddrives)…after three years, it’s down to around $3,800. The VPS is around $900 a year. It all depends on the amount of “horsepower” you need…don’t rule out VPS just because someone else had a bad experience.



    We have a Web Design/Marketing/Branding/Events company and we use Inmotionhosting.

    After doing extensive research on hosting companies, we chose to go with them and have been very happy!! We have migrated all of our clients over to their hosting. It really is rock solid and I definitely recommend them.

    Their prices are very affordable and their 24×7 technical support line is fantastic!

    Also, their add-on domain lets you host up to 5 different site at no extra cost!! If they can, they will even help on issues with 3rd party software. Good luck!!

    Here’s their link:

    [link moderated]

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