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  1. john-michael
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    My Current Solution

    Visitors submit photos via Contact Form 7 or via email. I ask that the submitter include the City, State, and Country the photo was taken. I include that information as a tags in the post. Here are the tags I would include in a post using San Francisco, California as an example.

    • San Francisco-California-USA
    • California-USA
    • USA

    These being tags, WordPress automatically creates links that visitors can click to view the other posts from the city (San Francisco-California-USA), state (California-USA), or country (USA) depending on which link they click.

    This has worked for a while, but the number of tags (locations) is getting very large. I've created a page template, which lists all the locations that have been submitted. This is currently a manual process that I can automate if the current solution is found to be the best.

    My Desire for any alternative solutions

    I would like to keep the above functionality (location links on posts that link to the archive of other posts with the same location) as well as a page dedicated to listing all the locations submitted.
    I also want to start allowing users to submit photos (via TDO Miniforms or the like) and include something easy like a zipcode, which then will be converted into the applicable city, state, country.

    So, does anyone have any ideas? If it's not clear enough, please let me know.

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