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  • Hello all. I’ve been given the job of creating the website for a group aged between 13-20. It requires a “members area”, in which a member can store their membership card number. That’s the only information that needs to be entered, the visitor will register/log in and they will be redirected to a “Wallet” showing just the card number.

    I do not however want these to become WordPress members however, or have access to the “Edit Profile” screen, be given a user role etc.

    I am really struggling to find a plug that will do this task though. Every one of them seem to create WP users.

    Has anyone any bright ideas regarding such a plug-in?

    Many thanks for reading


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  • Any WordPress (WP) ‘membership’ site or plugin that does memberships uses the WP Users facility. That’s just part of WP. If a user is set to Subscriber, they really can’t do much.
    Anywho, there’s a really good plugin that allows you to add/remove permissions for various WP roles here:

    That should sort you out.

    “the visitor will register/log in”
    But WHERE will you be storing this registration info? If not via WP Users, then you essentially will have to create your own registration system using PHP. How many users are you expecting to manage?

    Ultimate Member, You can lock down what each user can do and can’t do, what they can see and can’t see.

    I have it set up so when a user logs in, they are redirected to one page. they cannot access wordpress control panel or view any other pages on my website.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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