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  • I am looking for a mapping plugin for a client that can do the following, please reply back if you know of one or can work to improve an existing plugin for the following purposes.

    A mapping application that can have 250+ location maps with map markers at each location of the United States. Each map marker will pop up with the information on that location and the ability to create a route to that location from a specified location.

    Needs to do the following
    1) Be able to add a link to each bubble location to be able to link to any page in the site (it would include an image of the location, MAP TO link, Contact info for that location)
    2) Be able to read the users browser location and show a map centered on that users location
    3) Be able to zoom out to a place to show the 1st closest location in the screen view
    4) Bonus and this is why the Google API would be great to use, is to be able to MAP TO the point on the map from the users location, but allows them to input their correct address. The map would then do a pop up or display a print friendly directions sheet.

    Since Apple hates Flash (for Macs and iPhones) AND this needs to be 100% visible in all browsers, the plugin must work in Googles API Mapping program, AJAX, CSS, or HTML5.

    I would greatly appreciate it if someone can help me find something that does most or all of this out of the box for WordPress and even better if you can take an existing plugin and extend it’s abilities to do this.

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