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  • Hello, I just registered because I might need help to find some widgets close enough to my imagination.
    I am quite new to WordPress and hardly know anything about coding 🙂
    What I am looking for especially is this, and I have been searching for two days now:

    For my sidebar, a widget that allows me to enter html, on one or more pages so my users can step from page to page *in the widget*. Like a gallery or slideshow, but not for images, but for text (also a table, a small image and a link would need to go there).

    Not *referring* to existing posts or pages though, and not an *image* gallery either.
    That’s what 99% of my searches brought at least… featured posts and photo galleries.

    The only plugin that I found that comes close to my imagination is “Simple HTML Slider”, but a) it’s not working properly for me, and b) I’m anyway looking for something with a user navigation (arrows at least).

    I hope I did my first post properly, and hope someone can help me finding a good plugin or at least the right terms that I need to use for my own search – I have not a lot of knowledge for web programming, so I might have missed to search for the right terms in first place.

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  • How about just creating a custom menu (Appearance -> Menus) and then using the Custom Menu Widget to include it in your sidebar?

    If that’s not fancy enough, you can put whatever HTML and javascript you want in a Text Widget, but you’d have to hard-code the links for the pages.

    Both the Custom Menu Widget and Text Widget come with WordPress, no plugins required.

    To go beyond that, if you want something really customized, you’d need to add a plugin that allows executing PHP in a widget and then you’d have all the power of WordPress available as well as HTML and javascript, though that sounds like it’s beyond your current experience level.

    Thanks for the reply, I guess I don’t bring along the necessary experience level for either.
    I am just an “editor-in-chief”, our webmaster isn’t always available, so I have to do that now.

    However, I found a great plugin “TheThe Tabs and Accordions”, which comes close to what I look after… with tabs instead of a navigation interface, which is not exactly what I looked after, but gives me the possibility to make the content more accessible with the tab lables.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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