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  • Hello:
    We are interested in finding a company to host and support our new blogging section. Some information about us. is the Web site for the Times Union newspaper in Albany, NY. Our site gets approx 8M page views per month, of which a tiny tiny fraction will end up on our Blogs Section.

    We want to create a blog section that is hosted but maintains the look and feel of So we will need to create a template.

    We would to know about pricing. How many blogs can we offer for the hosting space we’re buying. And scalability, too.

    How does the price ratchet up as we create more blogs?

    Finally, questions about support. If we ‘break’ our template, do you offer any sort of priority support for design issues that come up with using WordPress? Or are we on our own because it’s open source?

    As you can tell from these questions, I’m not a programmer. I’m versed in HTML but I don’t know anything about php or setting up a server.


    mhuber at timesunion dot com

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  • You may find what you are looking for here:

    A blog takes up like chump change in space. PHP files are a few KB a piece. With images and everything, my WordPress blog takes up 3 MB of space.

    Database wise, I’ve never really seen a size limit from a host, but that’s only a few KB worth as well.

    Basically, any ol’ host will do to host a blog.

    Personally, I suggest keeping your hosting and template design seperate. I think you’ll get a better deal that way as you’ll get an expert designer (hopefully) and don’t have to deal with an all-in-one.

    As for “breaking your template”, it’s impossible to do unless you go in and edit your files which you don’t need to do to post, edit the categories, etc. as it’s all database driven.

    Most hosts charge based on the amount of disk space you want and bandwidth you use. The free bloghosting I offer at InnerEyes allows 1GB of each per month, which is more than enough for 99.9% of the blogs out there. There are no limits on how many blogs someone can have on our host, but each blog has a different sub-domain name.

    Our regular hosting and managed-bloghosting start at $5/month CDN if you’re interested in a more hands-off (for you) approach.

    I also agree with Viper – it’s usually best to keep hosting seperate from design, financially.

    Considering that they are a newspaper, I’d think they wouldn’t want free hosting on a subdomain, no offense. 😉

    Perhaps, it would not be in bad taste to promote and old member here 🙂

    You may check out jbbrwcky “The English Guy” who contributed so much to the WordPress community.


    Viper, I wasn’t suggesting free hosting on a sub-domain for them, I was just giving them a yardstick to compare against. There are hosts I know of that charge $10/month US for 250MB of disk space and 1GB of bandwidth – that’s insane, and a rip-off.

    I signed with for $10/month primarily because of word of mouth and high standards for customer service. Washington Post also signed with them for hosting, so we’re in good company. We aren’t paying for a dedicated server like the Post, though.

    So far so good. I’m enjoying these support boards. This is a helpful community.

    I think we made the right call going with WordPress over MovableType, but I don’t want to start a war here.

    We need to design our own theme next and it seems daunting. I’m off to the docs. Thanks all.

    I’ve had good luck with

    My site there is is a great company. And there are tons of promotion deals (777) for instance, that can save you money. They have wordpress as an auto installation too. Hope that helps.

    Jon Bourne


    I, too, work for a newspaper, and I use BlueHost. For only $6.95 a month, you can get 100 GIGS of transfer, which should more than suffice for a “tiny, tiny fraction” of 8M page views. A basic plan also gives you 4 gigs of hosting space, hosting for 6 domains on 1 account, 2,500 POP email accounts, SSL, FTP, stats, and more! I’ve been very happy with them, and I think they would work well for you.

    I would have to agree that template design and hosting should not be sought from the same company. You could post seperately here for a custom template price quote from experienced WordPress template designers.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    akbigdog – you are clearly spamming.
    Stop it.

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