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  • I’m looking at starting a blog on sexual relationship tips and advise and am looking for hosts. I currently use Bluehost, but I am neither 100% happy with them plus I have heard that they do not allow adult content.

    What hosts can people recomend?

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  • Interesting topic 🙂 I know most providers do as long as you do not break the law. I know for a fact 123-Reg does:

    But I’m not sure if you’d want to go with their packages. You could also try Webfusion:

    Thanks for that. No, there will be no law breaking and its not porn, but I still just wanted to be sure since the material may be sensitive to some people – and host. I will check out those sites. Cheers.

    I don’t think GoDaddy offers adult hosting to be honest. They’re my provider. Try instead.

    I can’t find anything on wordpress about what kind of content is allowable as far as adult sites are concerned. Where is the line? can there be erotic? can there be pornography? can there be nude art?

    Where are official terms of service documents for wordpress?

    What if sites are not hosted on wordpress?

    Can sites have ads to adult content?
    Where can I find more answers to these questions?

    It all depends on how your setting it up. Are you putting it on your own domain and paying for hosting yourself, or are you starting up a blog in a site like If the domain is owned by someone else, chances are you probably won’t be able to put up adult content. Check the terms and agreement of that site to see if adult content is accepted. If you’re buying your own domain and setting up the blog on your own domain, make sure that your hosting provider allows you to publish adult content.

    I am looking at getting my own domain and hosting. My blog wont be pornographic, but it’s topics will be sexual in nature in regards to relationships. I’ve had a look at a few options so far, but not all are clear or state if such material is alowed. I just don’t want to put all the work into something that will just get deleated.

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    After some quick research, most SHARED hosts don’t permit sex related content. But a DEDICATED server usually does. Which means it’ll cost more up-front.

    I use LiquidWeb VPS right now and I’m about 90% sure that I’m allowed ‘adult’ content, but not porn. You’ll have to ask the webhost specifically. They may be okay with it, but my guess would be that if it’s not porn, then the concern would be sex-spam traffic (i.e. spam blogs pinging the hell out of you b/c you’re using trigger words).

    Had a quick look:

    Media Temple is my host and i’m really glad with the support/uptime etc etc.

    “Customer is knowingly or unknowingly hosting pornographic videos or photographs.”

    As you said, your not going to host pictures/video. Don’t know if they count ‘erotic’ aswell as pornographic. Tbh there’s a big difference.

    Good luck!

    Another tip: If you DO use some images, make it a login topic so kids won’t see it straight away.

    I’m lookoing around for the same thing and from the looks of it Dreamhost doesn’t have a problem with this. They state


    5. DreamHost Web Hosting will exercise no control whatsoever over the content of the information passing through the network.

    (paragraph 11 is a bit unclear as to ability to refuse content)

    they later clarify


    1. Customer may only use DreamHost Web Hosting’s Server for lawful purpose. Transmission of any material in violation of any Country, Federal, State or Local regulation is prohibited. To this effect, child pornography is strictly prohibited as well as housing any copyrighted information (to which the customer does not hold the copyright) on DreamHost Web Hosting’s Server.

    Doesn’t seem like they have an issue with this to me.


    I think it depends on the content.

    I have a wordpress blog on with adult content.

    It is essentially going to be a year of very intimate details of the exploits I get up to on the road including the sexual ones with the guys I meet. One of the first entires I have made was quite graphic too and another entry had some details of some intimate beauty procedures!

    I mailed support about it and their helpdesk, or “happiness engineers” as they call themselves, and described what I intend for the blog and they say it sounds like it “should be ok”.

    Maybe it depends on just how hedonistic and graphic I get! 🙂

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