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  1. mmergola
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I am losing my mind trying to find something that does the following:

    1. Allows a user/visitor/reader (no registration required) to submit a short blurb (Tip/Advice/Story) from the front end widget are of my blog.

    2. Have that blurb go somewhere in my back end. Allow me to approve it from the back end.

    3. Display a random blurb on a different widget on my front page.

    4. Have a page dedicated to displaying these blurbs, preferably sortable by tips, advice, etc. (This requires the blurbs to have pagination and some way to show multiple on one page).

    5. Have a thumb up/thumbs down/proprietary feedback device. It doesn't need to link to FB here.

    I am not great a coding, even though I understand much of the process behind it. Throughout my weeks at this, I have tried the following: Contact Form 7 (it emails the user's input), Contact Form DB (pulls the information but doesn't display what I want/not end-user friendly), Custom Contact Forms (email), Simply Exclude (don't know how to use it, but I don't want these posts included in MY blog area, so I think I need this), and many others I can't remember right now.

    I have also considered using a testimonials widget like IvyCat or IQ, and IQ is the closest to success, except it doesn't allow pagination or a thumbs up system.

    So, right now, I have the following setup (and I don't love it): User Submitted Post widget to get the information. Goes right to my post section (can't get the right category which is weird). Somewhere in here, I'm improperly using Simply Exclude. Finally, display the posts in the category (that I had to manual set for each post) using Ultimate Post Widget. It's okay, but I don't know how to display these properly (i.e. with the option to see many per page and thumbs up them).

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I love WordPress for the power it holds, but sometimes it is overwhelming without direction. Thanks in advance.

    Website is http://www.dadfeed.com

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