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  1. mungo2007
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi All

    I am running a number of wordpress ecommerce sites all using the Woocommerce plugin.

    I have run out of talent! And need to look for a developer to work with on the upgrades to the website.

    You must have experience with:
    It would help if you know about the Woocommerce plugin but not essential.

    Here is an overview of the first thing i am stuck with. I need to change prices in the catalogue from inc vat to ex vat and display this on the product,category and shopping cart pages.

    Here is a list below of what i think needs to be done, but just don't have the knowledge to go this far.

    1.0 – Global update of all product prices
    Sol: To create MYSQL query to update globally all the product prices.
    2.0 – Changes to Product pages. Formula - (existing price/1.2) – 4
    Sol: Change the price according to this new formula, then show VAT & Shipping in the shopping cart.
    2.1 – Led Strip Kits Page products - http://www.ledstripuk.com/shop/led-strip-kits-3/
    Sol: Add phrase "price excludes VAT"
    2.2 – Changes to product display in layered navigation pages - http://www.ledstripuk.com/product-category/fixed-colour-kits/
    Sol: Add phrase "price excludes VAT"
    3.0 – Changes to Shopping cart
    3.1 – Shopping cart widget display
    Sol: The subtotal now shows (excl VAT) below the price.
    3.2 – Shopping Cart page
    Sol: "You may be interested in" items are not showing correctly. We have to fix them

    Hopefully this will give you an idea of what i need.

    Hope to hear from someone who can help


  2. Jorge
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Go to JOBS.WORDPRESS.NET to post this, even I get work there from time to time, hope this helps.

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