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  • Hi,

    I have a website with different users. Each user can see specific posts. For example:
    – User 1 can see post 3 & 5
    – User 2 can see post 1 & 3
    – None of them can see posts 2 & 4. Admin can see all the posts.

    I am looking for a plugin that creates a calendar (fully visible to the Admin, and partially visible to the users) where each user can add their availability on specific dates, but that none of them can see the other users’ availability. For example:
    – User 1 indicates that is unavailable from 5 to 7 of June
    – User 2 indicates that is unavailable from 10 to 15 May

    – User 1 only sees the dates (s)he has indicated, but not user 2’s dates. The same for User 2.
    – The admin can see everybody’s availability.

    I have spent hours and hours looking for such plugin, which I am sure it shall exist, but I don’t find any that does this… Can anybody help?


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