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  • I’m sure this exists, but I can’t find it and running a search for “calendar” brings on a lot of topics that aren’t what I need.

    Is there an existing, easy to use plugin for adding an events calendar to WP? I want to use WP for a DJ site, but a key part of our site is our live-dates schedule, which is loaded and updated very frequently, so I need something that’s fast, easy and reliable. Suggestions?

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  • Yes, check out Event Calendar 2. It has a calendar that can display (x) number of months for the events category, as well as including a function that will display a list of events. The script is very versital and in fact can easily be hacked to display things like a list of events including excerpts etc.. If you need anything other than what it defaults to, let me know and i can see if i can help.

    Okay. Now let’s assume, quite accurately, that I’m a novice with this stuff and none of that makes any sense to me. I checked the plugin, and to be honest, I don’t get it.

    oops looks like my link was wrong. New Link. What specifically don’t you get? You need to download the plugin and place it in your /wordpressdirectory/wp-content/plugins/ directory on your webserver. Then activate it via the admin -> plugin screen. From there you go to the admin options -> event calendar screen and select which category you’d like etc..
    To include the calendar, place this in the contents of one of your template files:
    <?php ec2_get_calendar(); ?>
    To include a list of upcoming events, place this in the contents of one of your template files:
    <?php ec2_get_events(); ?>

    I’ve just released EventCalendar 3. It’s much easier to use and more powerful than the earlier versions. As well as a dynamic sidebar calendar and sidebar listings, it can convert the Event Category page into a date-0rdered listing of future events.

    Why not give it a try?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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