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  • Hello all,

    I’m looking for suggestions as to how to approach the following:
    I want to make a simple Home page with user/pass login prompt. Upon successful access, the visitor is taken to a File List page with 2 columns of links to files that have been uploaded by persons with admin permissions.

    When an Admin uploads a file I want the File List page to update automatically by category. I need to be able to completely control the css appearance of the site and file list.

    I have been looking at various plugins that I could modify for this purpose with varying levels of success and am now soliciting anyone’s view on how they might go about achieving a site like this. Would you use specific plugins? Do you know of an article that discusses some or all of these requirements? Have you done this and how did you do it?

    Any help would really be greatly appreciated as I know your time is valuable. The only reason I post this here in this forum is that I am running out of time and I hope some good samaritan has already dealt with this issue!

    Thanks, -c-

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