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  • It looks really good. Here’s a few pointers:

    Think about removing the options to post comments on pages (about for example). It is likely that only SPAM will be posted there and it will make the website look less professionnal. Comments are okay for articles, blog post, but usually don’t look professionnal on informative only page.

    The first item in the scroll displays your site’s motto with a different punctuation (comma) than the other instances: “can help you find the right one,

    Try allowing the users to click on the images or title of the scrolling display on the main page rather than only the Learn More button as it is a bit unintuitive by the normal website standards.

    Theme and 3 columns style and his appearance is very great and beautiful,
    Your content is very informative, Header style is good but also your buttons in header create header and buttons appearance in beautifully looking design.

    Do divorce lawyers really need a twitter and facebook feed?
    Other than that it looks really good and professional well done.

    EDIT: i assume you arent supporting ie6 at all?
    the banner also doesnt work in ie9 but it is a beta

    that is a nice and clean theme, loads fast and looks good. the homepage is great, the theme looks very professional and the presentation is really good. However when i went in to check the blog pages, the individual blog pages looks a lot empty. You might want to add some social media buttons on the blog post page and something on the sidebar too, like featured/related posts, comments etc.

    over all it is a very clean and professional blog,

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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