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  1. elpipo
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Dear developpers,

    I'm in the willing to use wordpress as the new general message tool for my society. Today, most of our users use an address like all@society.com to inform everybody.

    I'd like to use WP instead but, by the way, adding more than this looking like CMS features :
    Everybody here belongs to a unit. Each unit could get a category, and all users from a unit should get the right to post in this category. Other users who want to post in a category that is not their should be moderate by one particular user from the destination category/unit. This same user should be able to delete message from it's own category.

    To sum up :
    o General rights :
    - everybody can read post
    - all user can edit his own post
    - a superuser can do everything
    o Unit/category rights :
    - all user from one unit can create post in his category
    - one user from unit can delete/edit all the category posts
    - all posts from users outside the unit should be moderated

    One user can belong to different units.

    Data concerning users membership is in a SQL DB repository but links or synchronisation with WP could be considerated.

    Could you tell me if plug-in exist to accomplish this (db connectors, userextra) ? Which one is the nearest to be modify ?

    Sorry I didn't read all the FORUM for those informations, but it's now look impossible (to much messages but it's a sign of a good popularity).


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