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    Firstly, thanks for the plugin – it’s really great and ridiculously powerful when combined with!

    I’ve noticed that on a couple of sites I’ve built recently with the Bridge theme, that enabling JS optimisation seems to slow the sites significantly (in the region of 20-30 seconds or so). I’ve tried different Autoptimize setup combinations (on different hosts), eventually disabling it for ease, but it does seem to be the JS activation that triggers this.

    The sites are otherwise well-optimised, but it would be great to get to the bottom of what’s causing this, preferably without changing theme! An example site is

    Have I missed something obvious with the setup?

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  • Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    well, not an easy question, but an interesting one nonetheless 🙂

    typically the majority of time spent in autoptimize is mainly in the actual minification of code that is not minified yet (purely based on filename; if the filename ends in .min.js or -min.js).

    so generally speaking, the way to avoid this is;
    1. have a page cache (you do) to avoid requests triggering autoptimize (as in that case the cached HTML will have links to cached CSS/JS in it)
    2. for uncached pages; make sure AO can re-use previously cached CSS/ JS (from another page), in which case no minification needs to be done (for that you will almost always want to NOT aggregate inline JS, this almost always busts the cache)
    3. for uncached CSS/ JS; make sure any minified file is recognizable as such in the filename (e.g. .min.css -min.js), this can lighten the minification-load considerably (I’ll add a filter in the next version of AO so you can tell AO a file is minified even if it does not have that in the name).

    So based on this, some tips;
    * make sure you’re not aggregating inline JS
    * for your own code (CSS/ JS); make sure it is minified and that the filename confirms this (if you can convince the theme’s developer to do so, all the better (esp. the already minified but big wp-content/themes/bridge/js/plugins.js is a waste of precious resources)
    * you could try switching to the legacy minifiers (see FAQ) to see if this improves performance
    * you can also check if excluding some un-minified files from minification helps performance (e.g. that bridge/js/plugins.js)

    hope this helps!

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    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for such a quick and detailed response. As ever you’re absolutely spot on – aside from the file name issues, removing the aggregation and excluding that pesky plugins.js file completely sorted the issue. Amazing.

    Thanks so much!


    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    excluding that pesky plugins.js file

    try convincing the theme developer to rename it into plugins.min.js and the world will be a little bit better for it if (s)he does 😉

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