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  • Getting the same issue here, some images seem to take ages to load and it’s nothing to do with the image size.

    On Google Pagespeed I’m getting ‘Improve server response time’ as a high priority and listing all the images on the cdn.

    Any suggestions?


    same problem here,, i got Improve server response time..

    Long web server response times delay page loading. Reduce your response times to make your page load faster. (0.87 segundo)…/likebox.php?… (0.14 segundo) (1.3 segundo)…/?… (0.40 segundo)

    please help us

    I have a related problem: when I am logged the server response time is VERY (really!!!!) HIGH.
    I know that the plugin has an option to cache for logged users too, but I do not want that.

    Looks like several different problems here

    @askmediy @darwin1234
    Problems with Google and Facebook servers – I don’t think there’s much anyone can do, unless you can serve the scripts from your own site or CDN (Tricky, and probably impossible for Google Ads). I see the same slow load speeds from Google APIs, Google code (You’d think Google would sort their own problems out) Twitter and Facebook scripts

    Images from a CDN – look into the CDN setup, or the service itself – Some CDN’s are slower than loading from your own site

    Logged in response – Speak to your hosting service provider. There’s not much one can do oneself unless you have your own (dedicated) server. Logged in page load is always higher than normal visitor page speed, but I hear you – I have a client site experiencing the same problem. I’ve tried everything including submitting tickets to the host – their only response is canned reply telling the client to “upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server” (Hardly – his site is still small and gets maybe 100 page views a day at present). I am now switching the site to a new hosting company – this MAY be your best option too.

    @mikeotgaar Hello. Thank you for your answer.
    I already migrated my site. I used normal VPS and now I use cloud hosting with SSD. Everything is really fast in the server and the sites that do not use W3 are normal.

    @mikeotgaar I realized that even if I was not logged, the page was taking a while to load. So, for make sure I ask a few friends around the country to try and the page was slow for all.
    I disabled CloudFlare and realocated to Amazon Route 53 and the problem persist.
    So I disabled the W3 and everything is fast again.
    I _really_ like W3, so could you help me?

    Try to find where the bottleneck is. A page load tool e.g. Firebug (for Firefox) can give you an idea what items are taking a long time to load. (External page speed analysis services/tools are not much use to debug admin pages) maybe post a screenshot or PDF printout and link to it from here to give devs some more info

    P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) is less useful, but does give an idea which plugins impact the server load

    Have you tried an earlier version of W3TC ( specifically)? I’ve had a lot of problems with all versions after



    I am having the same problem with Google PageSpeed report. But sometimes it didn’t show and sometime it show, I can’t understand the problem.

    Same here… so dramatic! I can get 98/100 but a minute after that after refreshed, it turned to 75/100 🙁

    I have the same problem and it is not related to W3TC, in fact I activated W3TC to see if that would fix the “slow server response” Google page speed reports.
    Now it reports it inconsistently, but still my birst bytes killing me.
    With me i first noticed it when I changed to dedicated IP
    But once again I am 100% it is not W3TC related.



    @knaggsy88 Yes, I am also sure it is not related with W3 Total Cache, even this error was already having to my site but my score was low and after I configured W3TC it increased and now it is good but still I can’t understant how to fix “Improve server response” error.

    Well after playing and playing around with every setting you can think of. I moved to another dedicated from BlueHost. I went from 3.0 Gz to a 2.3 Gz same memory 8 and 8gb. Rebuilt apache with the same build and now it’s a 100 %. Not even one slow response..

    I have to say, my old server from godaddy I had for 5 years and customer service with them was none. No matter what that always blamed it on me. Bluehost I had to call a few times for help on a few things that I just didn’t know good enough. Well they are really top shelf over there.

    For me it appears it is the plugin that is the culprit. I used to get a 92 pagespeed score and now I get a 77. I wish I could just downgrade to the version of this plugin from last year.

    Unless it is some error on googles end? but this just started today. Ive had a litany of issues with W3 lately which is a shame. I like the functionality but it has become very unwieldy. Hopefully a fix will arrive soon?

    I hate to complain about a free plugin, but this is a concern :-/.

    For those links from a different third-party web server (not from your site) all you can do is giving up those third-party modules or links… You cannot optimize the performance for the server response for Google Ads, AddThis, Facebook or other servers out of your domain… You just take them as they are. But you may try to improve your own server response taking the problem to your hosting service (for the first response) or excluding the slow plugins.

    I’ve been doing a LOT of testing and research on this and to the best of my findings the server response time is most closely related to the number of CPU’s and amount of RAM. I tested on traditional Reseller server provided by Site5 which I believe is 1 CPU and 1Gb RAM and the best I could get was 250 Milliseconds. When I tested the same thing on DigitalOcean’s 512Mb with 1 CPU and a SSD I got about the same. Yet when I upgraded to 8Gb 4 CPU I got under that 200 milliseconds.

    My advice is to have a SSD with 1Gb or RAM or More and 2 CPU’s. Or a 2Gb 2 CPU HDD.

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