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    Ninja forms is adding a script that takes very long time to render, as you can see in the attached profile (profile from a Samsung Phone). Just almond.js and front-end-deps.js are taking about 1.3 seconds running the javascript, resulting in slowing load time.

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  • Plugin Author krmoorhouse


    Could you provide us with a link to the Form in question?

    almond.js shouldn’t be loading at all on the front end. So, we’d like to see the Form to get a better idea of what’s going on.

    Plugin Author James Laws


    Marking has resolved due to a lack of follow-up.

    If this issue still persists or you have additional questions or details, please fill out a support request at

    It’s on any form. On desktop this looks like “Timer Fired (almond.js:387)” calling “Function Call (front-end.js?ver=3.0.34:1)”. Front-end.js and various constructor methods are taking 54ms or more on super fast desktop, and much much slower on mobile.

    Are you saying front-end.js should not be loading when viewing the form frontend (non-administrator)?

    Just thought I would mention this does happen on your example site as well. This is a JS CPU profile connected to a Samsung tablet, on which this particular form takes over 11 seconds of CPU time!

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    Plugin Author krmoorhouse


    No, front-end.js should absolutely be running, but almond.js should not.
    Could you link us to the page where you saw almond.js loading?

    We’ll have to take a look at the issue for mobile devices, but just for a quick reference, you’ve referenced CPU time. Is that also the page loading time, or is the CPU just continuing to run after the Form is rendered?

    It happens anywhere a form is on the page – even your example demo.

    Loading time can be slow (at half MB of js), but the chart above is javascript CPU profile.

    No, I didn’t notice high cpu, just that large chunk in the chart.

    Thanks for checking!

    Plugin Author krmoorhouse


    Hey programmin,

    Can we ask you to see if that’s still the case for you after updating to our newest version (3.1.1)? We’ve swapped out our Math library, and it could potentially cause a drastic performance improvement.


    I’m still noticing seconds of cpu time rendering the forms on mobile device using version 3.1.4.

    On the topic of resource utilization I also noticed this plugin is quite hefty – 21MB is about as large as all of WordPress itself! Any chance the 5mb of assets folder and other items could be on a CDN so users don’t have as much risk of copy failure while installing or upgrading?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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