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  • Hello,

    I have this plugin since years on several sites. Lately, when I start manually a backup of files and database, it runs for hours!

    The zip file is complete (I can open it) and it is generated after 1-2 minutes (600MB), but the backup job remains running for too long time. It finally ends with no error. Sometimes I have to kill it.

    Why this job is running so long by doing nothing for 90% of the time?

    Is there any compatibility issue with the latest WP version? This plugin seems to be abandonned too.


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    Extra note: the scheduled job goes through in a reasonable time.

    But when I run the job manually from the dashboard, it never ends.


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    Any reply please?

    I’ve had the same problem @swissspaceboy. But I just logged in and saw that my last backup was April 4, 2020, my backup has been running for NINE MONTHS! LOL.

    Time to switch to something else. I thought I read this one isn’t being developed anymore. Last Updated: 2 years ago.

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    9 months? What, it wants to deliver a baby or what?

    Well, the automatic cron job is working fine, so I use that. But I never start manually a backup job.

    This plugin is not supported anymore so for a new instance, pick something else.

    I keep it for the moment till it breaks.


    Mine are set up for auto, but that last auto backup had been trying to finish since it started 9 mths ago. Crazy! I hadn’t noticed, and hadn’t realized I had stopped getting “backup complete” emails. Backupwordpress is now Updraft which I do have on some of my sites and it seems fine.



    I have the same problem. I had spitted the backup in several job long time ago. The smaller ones (e.g. database only) are running properly. But the bigger ones are running forever.
    My last bigger backups are April 20 or so. I trid to fix it by excluding some bigger files from the backup a few weeks ago, but the problem reamaind.

    Is the any logfile available to find out something about the reason?

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    I saw that the backup file is well generated and it can be exploited. It is just the backup job that keeps running forever. It keeps the lock file in the backup folder.

    If you kill the job, the backup file will be gone.

    In the end, useless of course. I never got an error message somewhere logged 🙁




    @hugo1177 mine stopped backing up April 4. I wonder if that’s when I did an update that killed it. Who knows, maybe the new developers were trying to force us off the old and on to Updraft. Regardless, it’s no longer being supported, so it’s time to move on to another backup solution.



    У меня такая же проблема. Не работает, все запускается, но ничего не копируется. Что делать? Может установить другой плагин?

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