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  • I’ve got a bit of a dilemma. I have several articles that are excellent and run about 800-1,600 words long. There isn’t a great way to make two articles out of them since they all concern one topic although they are in sections. I’ve heard mixed opinions on whether it’s better to have one long page with a great amount of text and keywords versus breaking up the article into two or more pages.

    There are two issues:

    (1) If we decide to multipaginate, how is this best accomplished in wordpress? I’ve heard conflicting opinions as to issues concerning multiple pages for articles and also for comments. What do you guys use?

    (2) Should I even bother with multipagination altogether? I know that some people hate to go to the next page but, if I’m told that it brings better results for SEO, they’ll perform the extra click.

    Lastly, it might seem that the less text could be beneficial for browser loading in mobile phones that might be taxed by the larger word count.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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  • If it is acceptable to have a index at the top of the articles linking to the different sections on the same page you could do that. Google supports anchors now.

    Acceptable is one thing but what is preferred? Google is just one search engine too, even though important. 🙂

    I’m noticing that other sites with short pages and several additional pages are ranked very high (at the same time, they spend a ton of money on seo and have plenty of content on the site.) So the question really remains:

    (1) What is the best way to multipaginate in wordpress?

    (2) Should I use longer articles with more text on one page (1 – 2,000 words) or try to break up pages to one article with about 500 words per page?

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