• Happy New Year MonsterInsights!

    I was just looking at the 2022 Analytics Report that you fine folks at MonsterInsights left for me. I moved back from New Jersey 14 months ago, and right after that I picked up a subscription to your product. I’m heading for seventy in the not so distant future, and I have really stopped pushing like I used to?

    I guess I just don’t see the real purpose in pushing at this point in time. There’s still plenty I have to learn, and if I had a guy like, Syed, nearby I would probably drive him crazy. I love your products, and there are many, but MonsterInsights is a no-brainer to me. It does exactly what I want and need it to do for me. I get data for all of my users from around the globe, and it’s done in a neat easy to understand format.

    I see my users, sessions, pageviews, bounce rate, total users, average session duration, Countries, Device breakdown (Tablet, desktop, mobile)

    I realize that I pay to use these tools, I also understand how valuable it is to me when I have all of this data at my fingertips whenever I need it. When your working closely with a website doing a thorough optimization you would be flying blind without this data available to you.

    I want to see the traffic stirring when I am doing work on keywords and closely following my position with the search engines. Without this data I may not know that Google is really sending me hardly any traffic just yet.

    I also understand that with a fairly new site, Structured Data, and Core Web Vitals really being enforced now. It actually caught up to my sites the very end of May 2022. My traffic began to plummet.

    I wasn’t even sure what was happening, it was the Structured Data that got me first, and the CWV at the end of summer, September. It is wasn’t for MonsterInsights, and even more on MonsterInsights. I emailed Syed one of the Top Dogs, and I don’t think it was even Syed that answered the email, and I actually reached out to them for some assistance.

    This had nothing to do with their product. I was scratching my head over several things regarding the Structured Data, and the CWV and those guys went out of their way to help me. I live alone these days, I love working online, and as I get older I seem to pay attention a bit more than I used to?

    If you work online and you pay attention you begin to see the Teams of people in most cases, that are banging out some decent products and really putting things back into the online community. In any event, it’s a New Year, and I thought what better way to start it, than by giving some credit where I truly believe some credit is warranted.

    As my old coach was always yelling “Plenty of Hustle” The winners do not let any grass grow under their feet.

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    Hi @dcw2000s,

    Thank you so much for the kind comments and review. 🙂

    We’re really excited to know that you’re enjoying the insights and data MonsterInsights is providing, and that you’ve found our team’s support helpful!

    We really appreciate you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Enjoy!

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