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  • So we have four WP sites, two of which are rather large. We use posts as a tool to drive a real-time playlist of songs we’re playing, so the result is we’re posting a new (blank, except for the title) post every 3 minutes or so. (One of the sites in question is, if it helps to see it.)

    We had been hosting the sites internally, and several times a day they would slow to a crawl, if not halt entirely. They were on a crappy box, so the powers that be decided to move us to a hosting company with plenty of server juice.

    We did just that, migrated and got everything running, and it looks great, moving much faster. Then, out of nowhere, our host suspends our accounts, saying that our CPU usage was pegging the needle – doing a “large number of MySQL calls.”

    So, trying to figure this out. I know there are many WP sites out there larger than ours. But I wonder if the sheer number of posts in a single day – and, as a result, the sheer number that would need to be looked up by the calendar widget – is somehow prohibitive. I’ve just installed/activated WP-SuperCache on all the sites, so we’ll see if that does anything.

    But any other ideas?

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  • That’s a lot of posts but it can be handled. Install wp-super-cache and that will help.

    If “doing a ‘large number of MySQL calls.'” is your problem then use the DB Cache plugin. DB Cache cuts down the number of actual SQL calls by caching previous SQL queries to the filesystem.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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