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  • Attempting to logout from the admin bar or the widget will not work.

    Once I deactivate the plugin, it works fine.

    With the plugin Disabled and logout working:

    With the plugin Enabled and the logout not working:

    I’m unsure where to change the code. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Plugin Version 6.3.8
    WP 3.5.1

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    The phrase wp-logout.php is nowhere within TML, so that’s strange.

    I am seeing the same behavior.

    When TML is deactivated the logout URL is: /blog/wp-login.php?action=logout&_wpnonce=a74e3fbe77
    When activated the URL is:

    In my case the /logout/ is my TML logout theme page, so I imagine that is where the wp-logout.php is being derived from as well.

    I have TML 6.3.6 installed and running correctly at several several production sites (I have been very pleased with it, by the way). I noticed today that 6.3.7 and 6.3.8 have been released since those installations. Before upgrading the production sites I upgraded a development/test site from 6.3.6 to 6.3.8, skipping 6.3.7. Since doing that I cannot logout of the test site with TML activated.

    In an attempt to revert back I deactivated TML, deleted the TLM 6.3.8 plugin folder, replaced it with the previous 6.3.6 plugin, and reactivated. That did not correct the problem. Since upgrading to 6.3.8 I cannot logout using either TML version.

    I completely uninstalled wp and database and did a clean install. Went straight to 6.3.8 and still have the problem. Thanks to everyone that has the issues and I’m not the only one

    The upgrade path may be a key to the issue. I have development server that works and a production server that does not.

    One difference is that I upgraded the development server from 6.3.6 all they way up to 6.3.8 (I can’t recall if I did the intermediate 6.3.7 update or not) while I was working on a major site update. The production server did not use the plugin prior to this major site update, so when I went to deploy I installed 6.3.8 directly in the backend, and then copied the dev server files over it. I have since tried to revert just like admintiger mentions (deactivating, uninstalling plugin and data, and then installing 6.3.6) but the log off behavior refuses to work. In my case the sign-in behavior is broken also.

    I am trying to dig through the packet logs with a sniffer to see if I can find the differences between my two servers. The code appears to be identical, so I suspect there is a DB issue.

    I should have mentioned in my comment above that when I try to log out “Are you sure?” displays. That is listed in the changelog as having been fixed in version 6.3.7 (which I skipped), but is not fixed in 6.3.8.

    I have determined that the log out problem is due to something in the SQL database that was fixed in 3.6.7, but that is not fixed in 3.6.8. Either of the following corrects the log out problem for me:

    Fix 1:

    1. Do a fresh installation of WordPress 3.5.1 with a newly-created empty mysql database.
    2. Install TML 3.6.8

    Fix 2:

    1. Deactivate and remove TML 3.6.8
    2. Install TML 3.6.7
    3. Deactivate and remove TML 3.6.7
    4. Install TML 3.6.8

    The tests sites used for the experiments above did not use the TML widget. I just tried Fix 2 above at a third test site with the TML widget in a sidebar. After Step 2 where TML 3.6.7 was installed the logout HTML link was broken and I was not able to logout with TML activated. Re-saving permalinks did not correct the problem.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    @internationalkenpo @admintiger Would either of you be able to let me poke around with admin access? If so, send credentials using this form.

    Sorry, I can’t provide that right now, because both the production and test sites are running in a high-security environment.

    However, I learned more about the problem after foolishly risking a trial on a production site. I had been able to successfully upgrade a test site from TML 3.6.6 to 3.6.8 using the “Fix 2” steps further above and thought I could do the same with a production site. However, that process not only didn’t work, it made it impossible to either log in or out. Logout attempts displayed an “Are you Sure” message. Login attempts displayed a “Lost Password” link that didn’t work.

    Whether TML was activated or deactivated the WordPress admin “Pages” list had “Login,” “Log Out,” “Lost Password,” “Register,” “Reset Password,” and “Your Profile” pages that could not be displayed or deleted from within the WordPress admin system.

    I checked wp_posts in the mysql database and found multple posts with each of those names that each had the post_type “page.” I deactivated TML, deleted all those pages directly from wp_posts, and also deleted TML from wp_options. I then installed TLM 3.6.8 in the hope that it would recreate whatever was needed for a fresh installation. That didn’t work. Login attempts resulted in 404 “Page not Found” errors.

    Reinstalling TML did not re-create any pages in wp_posts (should it have?), so I created them manually with a post_type “Page” and content [theme-my-login]. That enabled login via TML. It also enabled display of the TML logout page when trying to logout. However, logout does not actually occur.

    Do you have a script that will delete everything from the mysql database that any version of TML ever created to enable a virgin TML installation, because TML 3.6.8 works with a fresh WordPress installation?

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    You would have also needed to delete the _tml_action meta values for those posts.

    I found and deleted six _tml_action meta items from the database and then reisntalled TML 3.6.8. That changed, but did not correct, the problem.

    Now, when I try to logout, instead of going to:

    the system tries to load:

    and the WordPress “This is embarrassing …” message displays, because wp-login.php cannot be found. I had set the TML security option to disable wp-login.php back when using TML 3.6.6 and everything had worked correctly with that version set that way. Now, wp-login.php is always disabled whenever TML 3.6.8 is activated, regardless of the TML security option setting, and it is not possible to log out or in.

    I just noticed that TML did not create the five new pages Log Out, Register, Lost Password, Reset Password, Your Profile in WP when I re-installed 3.6.8 after cleaning the database.

    I am having the same problem here, I couldn’t log out from my site anymore. Had to uninstall the plugin, couldn’t find any other solution. It seems very good for what I need but if I can’t log out, I can’t use it. Hope the developer can find a solution for this so I can give it a try again. Thanks

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