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  • Hi I have just upgraded to WP 1.5.1 and all went perfect so thanks to all in Dev. Only one slight issue though in that in IE6 when I try to logout it directs me to the dashboard screen and I’m still logged in. I’ve tried the same thing in FF and no problems – I log out. Any ideas what is causing this?
    My URL is

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  • Sure, IE sucks! 🙂
    But seriously, perhaps there’s a script error Firefox is ignoring. Or, it could be a setting that needs to be changed in Internet Explorer.


    One thing I didn’t mention was that I also loaded a separate WP directory (ie a separate download of WP 1.5.1) and checked this by logging in and then logging out. There seemed to be no problem with this one. So it seems to be related to something which happened when I loaded the initial WP 1.5.1 (that is – to my exisitng WP 1.5 and then upgraded). Possibly there is something needing changed in one of the files which I added.

    Well, maybe you did what I did. I completely ignored the advice of everyone smarter than me and continued with overwriting my current files with the new ones. I then systematically deleted everything and re-installed, just like the forum said I’d have to :). Everything works fine, now. Have you had similar success?


    Glad to hear you got it working but still no joy here. I even tried reverting back to the previous wp-login file and retrying but still no luck. The only other thing I can think of doing is to go through all the new files loaded and change them back to the WP 1.5 files one by one to see if it makes any difference.

    I have now tried reverting back to WP 1.5 files one by one to see if this makes a difference but still can’t logout. I even tried comparing various files (eg. wp-settings, index.php, wp-config) to try and spot if something was obviously wrong but no joy. Has anyone got any ideas?

    Hmm. That should have worked. Why don’t you move your blog files to the other 1.5.1 install? It works, so maybe there was a script error that occurred when 1.5.1 was downloaded over 1.5…?


    Sounds like a good idea. Bu what about for instance MySQL and wp files in the dodgy set up? Also – what will happen to my posts etc?

    this same behaviour (the logout, sends me to the dashboard, and login, sometimes does too) happens to me when i’m on my machine at work that runs WinXP w/ IE6. Firefox is fine at home (OS X), so the problem lies with IE somewhere. I suspect it’s a cookie issue or a security setting somewhere (our work does stupid stuff in the IE settings).

    Just to further confuse everyone – I reinstalled WP 1.5 by deleting the new WP 1.5.1 files and reinstalling the old WP 1.5 files and I still can’t logout. Strange, as it was never an issue before I upgraded.

    it has always been an issue for me on my WinXP machine w/ IE.
    thank god for OSX and Safari/FF! 🙂

    Now I’m really struggling. I reinstalled the new WP 1.5.1 again (having deleted the old WP 1.5 files first) and still there seems to be no change. It is beginning to sound as if there is an issue elsewhere which was triggered by the upgrade. Unfortunately, I don’t know where to start looking. On a separate note (and separate thread) but maybe connected to this, I cannot see the Quicktag boxes on FF in the Admin, only the Quicktags link. Anyone got any ideas?

    same here.. i use WP 1.5.1 from alex (pluged-in)… and i can’t log out from the admin section.. 🙁 i use IE and opera…

    wait a minute, when i log out, the main page still show ‘Admin Site’ and ‘Log Out’ button. but when i click the ‘Admin Site’, it bring me to wp-login… it’s mean i have to log in again… strange… i’m confuse with this… 🙁

    I still think we all should just use IE sparingly; like, when checking to make sure it doesn’t crap all over our sites too too much. That’s the only reason I didn’t uninstall it after downloading FF. Well, that, and my bro uses the same ‘puter. He hasn’t caught on to the revolution, yet.

    I think the problem with IE is much broader than just WP sites. I’m at work right now (and forced by the MicroBorg to use IE)…you wouldn’t believe how it jacks up the sidebar of this site, and it’s not even published with WP. Also, before WP came into my life, I used some fancy rollover effects for some buttons I madeâ€?half opacity until rolled over going to full opacityâ€?and IE just ignored it. I got the code from some website I stumbled across. It used a combo of CSS 1, 2 and 3 🙂 That’s probably why IE didn’t like it, but every other browser on the planet displayed it correctly. I’ll bet Lynx would even comply, somewhat.

    I was joking with a buddy of mine yesterday about either installing an auto-downloader for FF (kinda like the one Flash has when you put a Flash movie in a website using Dreamweaver, completing the package with an auto-delete and complete removal of all things IE), or writing a JavaScript that detects when the user is browsing with IE and displays an alternate page telling them to get with the program (in friendly-ish speak, of course) and offering them a link to Mozilla’s page.


    First post in these forums – be gentle.

    The IE issue (whilst perfectly valid) may be a distraction. I am running two FF (1.04) sessions side-by-side here. Same theme, different versions of WP.

    On the Wp 1.5 session, login/logout behaves exactly as one would expect.

    On the Wp 1.5.1 session, it does *not*. Logout results in “logout” remaining on view in the meta section. Click on “logout” it takes you to the login screen (as others have already reported).

    [Incidentally, in the 1.5.1 session I am also not seeing any of the Edit functions I would expect to accompany my posts once logged-in, but until I have investigated a little further would not necessarily presume to link those two events.]

    Apols if there is a more current (or resolved) thread – a search on “Logout” brought me here.

    I had this problem with Firefox (click logout and redir to admin). Try deleting your blog’s cookie. That took care of the issue for me.

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