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  • I’ve had problems logining into my site since 1.2. I’d login the first time and logout and like 5 days later be able to log back in. I know if i restart my computer or clear the cookies using the internet browser you can get it working. But its hard when you in labs and u need windows admin to clear cookies.

    I’d like to kow if when you log out from WP does it clear cookies? Like vbulletin when you logout it clears cookie and even has a “clear cookies” page. Maybe its a stupid question, but i’m frustraded from not being able to login. I also pobbly going to reinstall 1.5 to make sure i didn’t a screwed up nighly version of it.

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  • I just did a simple test on my system. I logged in, and was able to see the Edit This links on my home page in one tab (you are using Mozilla/Firefox aren’t you?), and I was logged in to the WordPress admin page on another. Then I logged out of the Admin page, and refreshed my home page. The Edit This links were gone.

    So, while its not very scientific, it shows me that the cookies were removed, or at least changed to show I wasn’t logged in.

    i’m in a collage computer lab, which only supplies explore. (because the collage mail system dosn’t allow moz to acess it)

    I don’t know maybe i just threw up to much stuff together and somthing screwed up somthing else and did a diminoo effect. ( as you can see alot of stuff dosn’t work at as their intended to do so)

    Back to the drawing board.

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