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  • seems like everytime i try to log on to like hotair it rejects me….then i request a new p/w…and it don’t work either……

    what gives?????

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  • whooami



    hotair has nothing to do with this site, and vice versa.. other than it’s running WP. If you have issues, contact Michelle Malkin, she might take a break from her busy schedule of ridiculing the 51% of Americans she doesnt much care for (and the French, and the Muslims, and the Brits, and the gays, and the ..) to answer you. Then again, she probably wont.

    Certainly, no-one here can help you especially since you didnt provide an ant’s worth of information, and honestly, you managed to get here, maybe you can find your way to Google, and search on how to configure your browser correctly.

    I need help finding my username and password – I’m effectively locked out of my blog because I’ve forgotten my username. You can’t be sent a new password if you’ve forgotten your username! There may be some place in my C panel that has recorded the username – does anyone know where in the C panel I would look for that?

    Unless you’ve changed it – the username in any WP blog is – admin.

    I tried that. It says “invalid user name” – not invalid password. I’m wondering where in my C Panel I can find the username if I did change it from “admin”

    Nowhere in the cPanel. It’s in the database.

    The following requires that you have access to your database preferably through phpMyAdmin:

    Recover your WordPress password when you have forgotten it

    That was a neat video tutorial at the link you suggested! I will try entering the database, and see whether I can change the username – as I think that is my first challenge – then I will see whether I can guess my password, or have to change that too. Thanks! I’ll post again when I’m either successful or stumped!

    Falcon1986, Thank you so much for posting the link to that neat video! We followed the instructions to access the database, encrypted new username and password, replaced the old ones, and I now have access to the dashboard of my blog again.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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