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    This has already been experienced here in this post:

    I have experienced the same thing, but I believe I found the answer to this issue also.

    The result was the plugin kept showing a “default” logo/icon in place of any logo that was inserted into the maintenance plugin. When checking the source code of the page this was the result,

    <img src="" srcset=" 2x" width="220" alt="logo">

    What the source code shows is a second image included in the same tag. The plugin developer is using the “srcset” attribute to layer the Retina image along with the regular logo image.

    The problem is the plugin draws a default image to insert as the “srcset” image when there is no Retina photo included. As a result, the default dark grey folded paper icon shows instead, even though you did insert your logo. The default (Retina) image over-rides the regular logo.

    Most people will not know what a Retina image is and this is why they don’t load any image in that selection.

    A short description of a Retina image is a high-resolution image that loads for larger devices because of larger pixel density of the screen (likely for HD TV’s).

    The Retina shows by default in all device screens from mobile to desktop. I tested this in my mobile device and on my desktop using all major browsers.

    Retina Shows by Default
    I say this because I tested the plugin by using a different version of the logo, and when the cache was cleared, page reloaded, the Retina version loaded instead of the regular logo (desktop and mobile screens).

    Logo Image switches between Retina and Regular image
    Sometimes, on reloads the logo switches between the Retina version and the regular image.

    How I fixed this issue so there is no worry about it, is loaded the Retina logo, even if I used the same logo I loaded for the regular logo image. At least the logo will show now.

    Simply, when you insert your regular logo images, use the same image to insert into the “Retina logo” slot. If you have a Retina image, then use that for the Retina slot.

    Reason for not loading a Retina version of the logo is because High Res means larger image file and with SEO concerns about Page speed this can be an issue.

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  • Hello there,

    Thank you for reporting the issue and your detailed testing and recommendations.
    We appreciate your efforts and will fix the issue in the incoming update.

    Many thanks

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