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  • hi nhat.kd,

    this is depending on your logo size.
    you can adapt your header height in


    so it fits perfectly to your site.

    ** maybe this should be made more automatic somehow, you’re right, the header should just grow if you insert a big logo for example.. **

    you said

    navigation menu is showed illogical in responsive mode.

    what do you mean with this? thanks for all your feedback,

    P.S. social media icons in the header: have a look for one of the many free plugins in the wordpress plugin repo! there are many awesome plugins available for free 🙂

    Hi Konrad,

    Thanks for the fast reply…

    I did change the header height etc. so that the logo fits nicely on my desktop screen. However, when browsing the website:

    on eg. a smartphone (iphone 4)- the logo will go behind the bar

    U could try visit my webpage and make the window smaller, then you could see what i mean…

    Regarding the bar in responsive mode – the menu look like this:

    “back to homepage”
    “El installation” “Hvidevare”
    “Varmepumper” “Samarbejdspartnere”
    “Kontakt mig”

    It would be better if the in responsive mode look like this;


    hope that you understand.



    Hi again,

    Ok, ive found a temporary solution for the logo issue – might not be the best solution… However, I just used “left-side-header”-widget and placed my logo image there. But then i have a lot of whitespace between (downwards) my logo and the navigation bar. Can that be fixed and how?

    One more thing, I also use “right-side-header”-widget for my social icons, but these icons dont show up in responsive mode… Can I fix that?

    Otherwise, My website is beginning to look just the way I want 🙂

    THumbs up for an awsome free template – you guys are the best!



    Just found out that if i place logo as a image in a widget, it cant be clicked so that it takes you back to frontpage…. 🙁

    hi nhat.kd,

    thanks a lot for your feedback, i created a ticket on github here:

    regarding the logo-in-widget thing: for now, you can also put an a tag around the image.

    like this:

    <a href="" title="Home">Replace your image here</a>

    just replace the text and put your img-tag in html inside (like you have already i suppose).

    hope this helps, let me know, konrad

    hi, im not good in coding at all…

    what do you mean put a tag around the image?

    could you please write the code for me?

    thanks in advance.


    oh sorry just edited the topic above, please copy the code and replace the text with your image.



    Hi Konrad,

    I’d like to make my header image clickable, sending the user to the home page. Am I able to do this simply by adding some CSS code to the custom CSS area of the theme customization?

    Here’s the site:

    I just want the head to redirect back to the home page when you click it. Sounds simple enough, right??


    Hi Kirstin,

    firstly, linking the image is HTML modification, so not possible via CSS customization.

    But: why not just try to upload a logo image directly for the header?


    ** This image will automatically be linked to your homepage! 😉

    ** And for the option HEADER -> HEADER BACKGROUND IMAGE
    just type “none” and it will be empty. (By default there is a default image).

    Hope this helps,



    Hi Konrad – PERFECT! Thank you. That is exactly what I was trying to accomplish. I didn’t realize that the “logo” feature was intended to do just that. Looks great.

    Thanks. This is an excellent theme. I can definitely see myself using it again and upgrading to pro to get the additional features. Much appreciated.

    Cheers! Great 🙂

    Hi all! I just figured out a pretty good work-around for the header/ugly menu issue without coding until the developer decides to fix the free version…

    I disabled the search bar in the theme’s BuddyPress tab (I can use a widget instead) then I moved my Header Image into Logo and set Header Image as None. This solution gave me a little extra white space at the top of the “Logo”, probably left over from the margin of the search bar but it beats what it looked like before.

    So now my Header re-sizes and the menu bar stays pretty reasonable. And the header is clickable too.

    Hope this helps someone!

    hi scopieg,

    what is exactly broken in your header?

    what kind of behaviour do you have on your site and what would you expect?

    we want to rework this section for one of the next updates..

    let me know, thanks for your feedback, konrad

    BTW, new update is in review process already, coming very soon..

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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