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    Hi there guys,

    I came across to a possible bug with the Logo/Image/File upload field on front-end when user is logged out.

    When user is logged in, everything works as expected. File loads, the little loading bar comes up, once the image is loaded, a little thumbnail shows up and a ‘remove’ button to remove the image shows up too.

    But when user is logged out, I don’t get any of this.

    I’m guessing this is AJAX.

    I have tested this on a clean WP install with only WPJM installed and basic Storefront (and also Twenty Twenty One theme)

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks, Jo

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    I should probably also mention that I’m testing with WP 5.6 and the latest version of WPJM. No other plugins installed, using only basic theme, so plugin conflict excluded. No security plugin or caching either.

    I have also installing the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin and downgrading jquery to see if anything changes, but nope, no change.

    Are you referring to the “Choose File” button (as on the bottom of this page not showing up to allow uploading a logo on the job submission form?

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    Hey @hastibe , yes that’s correct, the “Choose File” button I’m talking about. The button is showing, but the uploader doesn’t work correctly for the logged out users.

    See here for a quick screen recording:

    When the user is logged in, the file upload gives a little blue progress bar, shows the uploaded image thumbnail and gives a remove option, so you can remove the image an re-upload a new one.

    But when user is logged out, all this doesn’t seem to work.

    @joe-bloggs — I see what you mean (and you can replicate it on their demo site), though if I click “Preview” the image does load in, so it really is more of a superficial issue (except for not having a “Remove” option for the image, though it will remove the image if you click “Choose File” and then hit “Cancel” in the window that it opens without selecting anything.

    You could always open an issue about it on the GitHub for WP Job Manager.

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    Hey @hastibe , yeah if I was using only the logo upload field on its own, I guess I’d be ok with it, but my issue gets more tricky.
    I also use the WP Job Manager Field Editor extension. The extension is awesome because it adds additional set of nifty fields and features to the form, including the multiple photo upload powered by AJAX, so you can reorder the pictures as you like.

    But unfortunately with this bug, the multiple photo feature doesn’t work as it only uploads one picture at the time.

    @joe-bloggs — ah, I see; the Field Editor plugin is terrific (I use it, too!), and I would definitely also reach out to the dev–he provides great support for it and can hopefully help or at least provide a direction forward, if it’s something that only the WP Job Manager devs can fix (though you will likely be out of luck, then–the WPJM support usually suggests that you hire a dev to send them the fix, in my experience!).

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    @hastibe I’ve opened a new issue on Github

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