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  1. opnightfall1771
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    I am brand new to wordpress and I have very little html/css experience. I am trying to add my own logo to replace the text that is standard with the fullscreen theme I am using. So far I have been successful in replacing the logo on the main page. However, I still need help with two things:

    1) How can I change the positioning of the logo on the main page (marklivolsi.com/photostory) so that it sits a little bit higher on the page, more even with the tagline? ( I assume somewhere in the stylesheet but I don't know what/how to change)

    2) How can I make this logo show up on all other pages beside the main page?

    Thank you for your help!

    My site is http://www.marklivolsi.com/photostory

  2. opnightfall1771
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Edit: I have also just noticed that a change I made in header.php solved the problem of making my logo show up on other pages. However, I am only able to view this change in my google chrome browser. It still shows up as the normal text in Safari. Furthermore, my theme is not displaying properly in firefox or IE. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how this can be fixed?

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