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  • Ok, I assume I haven’t been clear enough.
    So, what I’m trying to do is:

    • Replace site title with logo
    • Bring front navigation menu to the center of my header

    The core of the problem is I don’t know where and how to edit.
    Any suggestions, please?

    P. Iliev

    To add Logo to Twenty Fourteen theme in your admin dashboard go to header section under appearance where you can upload your logo. Make sure you have a child theme to make your changes on not the Twenty Fourteen parent theme, now to center the header add this to your child theme style.css file:

    .header-main {
    text-align: center;

    .primary-navigation {
    float: none;

    Not this header but the main one. To replace the site title. Also code doesn change anything ;\

    with variations of ahref-s and img src-s

    Exactly what code did you try? You should have been able to replace the site title with an image by using an img tag inside anchor tags. By the way, you are making the changes to a copy of header.php in your child theme folder, I hope.

    To center your navigation menu, add this to your child theme’s style.css file:

    .primary-navigation {
       float: none;
       margin-left: auto;
       margin-right: auto;
       display: table;

    Also I don’t know what that google+ link is and why it is there?

    Are you referring to the google+ button that’s with the other social media buttons on the left? I don’t see any other google+ link.

    Front navigation menu fixed! Thanks A LOT!

    The code I’ve used was my improvization. However it was something like:

    <a href="logo.jpg" <img src=wp_url/"logo.jpg">

    About the google+ link, it is visible only when I add header image or in the case with the screenshot. Currently isn’t visible but it’s there.

    OK, try something like this (you were missing the closing > for the opening anchor tag.

    <a href="">
    <img src="<?php site_url('/images/logo.jpg'); ?>" />

    As far as the Google+ link, do you have the Google+ option turned on in JetPack? Go to JetPack > Settings > Google+ Profile to see if it’s active.

    Ok probably I’m doing some stupid mistake.
    I’ve tried to paste the code as it is only changing the name of the .jpg file. Also tried different image sizes (112px42 was the smalletst). Tried writing the file directory folder [public_html/mysecond/wp-content/themes/twentyfourteen-child/images/..] like that.

    The only thing I get to see is blank header or:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘jpg’ (T_STRING) in /home3/iliev/public_html/mysecond/wp-content/themes/twentyfourteen-child/header.php on line 50

    What am I doing wrong !? ;\

    Can you post that short section of code here, inside backticks?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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