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  • Michael


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    edit style.css and see if changing this:

    .border-gray { width:100%; height: 200px; background:url(images/bg_post_border.png) no-repeat; }

    to this works:

    .border-gray { width:130px; float:left; height: 200px; background:url(images/bg_post_border.png) no-repeat; }

    (only checked in firefox)

    Thanks Alchymyth – a very neat fix. The text has moved up, as desired. This fix might have to do… depending on whether the following is possible, or not.

    Ideally, the logo will sit at the top-left corner, before the Nav bar (see I’ve put 2 logos up now (1 at the top (ideal location, but causing text-location problems), and one as an alternative/imperfect fix – as described above – text is now working, but the logo is not in the best place).

    The site now demonstrates the problem with having a logo next to the Nav bar – it forces the text under a container, which means that the text displays too low on the site. Is this fixable too?

    Many many thanks,


    I’ve chopped the logo in 2 – the most simple way of fixing the problem I can think of… the header container is much shorter now, so the text is published closer to the nav bar. The remainder of the logo is inserted afterwards – with no margin/padding, so it looks like 1 complete logo to the naked eye.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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