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Logo appearance across browsers

  • Various browsers are not viewing the logo as I intend it to be viewed. I tweaked the code to insert my own logo image (it got messy but I managed to make it visually work on my browser). Any ideas for cleaning it up or getting it to translate better across other browsers?


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  • To me, it looks the same on Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. How, exactly, does it look different to you?

    I would say the only problem with your logo (or maybe it’s the containing element) is that it is slightly wider than the sidebar and sticks out when you narrow the width of the browser.

    Thank you, it actually looks fine on my browser – however the client was having complaints from some of her viewers. I suspect the problem is old versions of IE. When I used a site to “view” it via different browsers, I could see that for some of them it was showing up with only part of the logo visible, the rest hidden behind the black side bar.

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    Which browsers and browser versions have the issues?

    It looks like it is anything older than IE 8 that is having problems. Today netrenderer was working for me (it wasn’t when I last tried to check) and the problems I see with IE 7 (and lower) are so huge that I’m not even concerned with them.

    I can see a problem with the site when viewed from a mobile device, though. Not sure if there’s something I could do for that?

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    I can see a problem with the site when viewed from a mobile device

    Which mobile device (&? which version of Apple/ Android/ Other) & which browser & which browser version in your mobile?

    On Samsung Galaxy s2, android v 2.3.3, default browser, same version as android.



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    Off topic, but it’s important that you put in the Site Title in General setting and hide the text via other mean. Not putting in Site Title is hurting site accessibility and SEO.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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