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  • tomaja


    Link to your site ?
    Also, did you check your folder premission ?



    same here. i’m a good example because i’ve had it working for 3 months, i’m positive. not only did i see it on my site i saw it when i did a search in (shows up on left side in their site). it’s disappeared within the last 10 days or so. i have the exact same symptoms as mirijana (marijuana (i’m smarter than i look)). originally i used a .png file and it’s still in my Media Library.

    Welcome to Customizr 3.0.14 and all my plugins are up-to-date.

    Lewis Brown


    What operating system is your server being hosted on? I had the same problem when using a windows server and then when i switched to a linux server it uploaded without a problem. (I would defiantly recommend a linux server is you don’t currently have one)



    Lewis … I already had a Linux hosting… I had a lot of problems then. I changed my host and I switched to windows. It works better now… My logo doesn’t show up only in this theme, when I try another one (like responsive), my logo shows up…

    Lewis Brown


    Ah im not to sure then, sorry i thought it was just worth suggesting. The only thing i can currently think of would be what tomaja said about the folder permission as i know from my experience i couldn’t and that intern meant i couldn’t upload a logo

    Hi, this looks like a file permission issue but weird though.
    @mirijana and @freshwater : did you guys find a solution?
    Thanks for your feedback on this

    Just saw i missed a chunk out of my post above, * i couldn’t change the permissions to 777 to allow it to upload due to an error (something like “500 site chmod 777…. ‘command not understood'”) hope this helps

    WordPress Release 3.7.1 nothing custom menu to edit Fav.Icon.
    you can use some ‘plugins’ to add fav icon.





    3. see this instruction

    Hi everybody,
    I am experiencing the same problem. Neither logo upload nor favicon upload works. I have already tried changing permissions to 777, reinstalling the Customizr theme as well as reinstalling WP but it did not help.
    I have already started hardcoding it into the php code but it is not really a sustainable solution since it will disappear with any new version of Customizr.

    @oktafianus: Thank you for your post, these plugins are possible solutions, nevertheless none of the solves the problem with logo.

    I have the exact same problem, those logos are just uploading to media folder, nothing happens.



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    If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topics.

    Hello , any solutions to the logo upload problem in Customizr?, thank you.

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