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  1. omar4578
    Posted 5 years ago #

    ok this may be another how tpo logo, but i searched others with no success, i do not know how to code and mainly people ask how to upload a logo via their php site or idk...

    my question is how can i upload a logo picture into my wordpress site...i also read somewhere that the themes dont allow it at times, so which themes allow it? do they say it somewhere before you can change it? any input is very much appreciated thanks...

  2. weebit
    Posted 5 years ago #

    make a logo the same size width of top of your page image. i try to pick a theme that already has a image at top, and then I go through cpanel to the themes section select my theme, and some have a image directory, others don't. But you need the name of the image file you will replace. Find it, then name the new image you made the same as the image you are replacing. Now go to the upload section while you are viewing the img folder of the image you are replacing. Tic the box they says to overright and upload the new image. Be sure to check size on new image. I always make one same size i am replacing then i have no problems with the theme.

    i hope you understand my instructions here.

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