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  • I am running a multi-site installation for one of our clients. As part of the network, they want to bring one of the custom sites I built in Rails into the fold, the functionality, not the site. Now I am trying to figure out the best way to handle duplicating the custom work I did on the first site.

    I’ve only been working in WordPress for about 9 months, so my WordPress-fu isn’t exactly Jacquith-level, and I am hoping that somebody here can help me think through the best process for implementing the features we need.

    This website is set up so that high school students preparing for college can submit their contact info to the campus representatives at the school of their choice so that they can [1] built a database of kids coming to their school (for marketing purposes, what else?), and [2] they can reach out to those kids to help them transition into college life with a minimum of hassle.


    – All of the schools in Texas have a page that has the following information:
    — School title
    — School address
    — School contact person’s name
    — School contact person’t email


    I can put together a custom post type for all the school pages. No biggie here.

    The issue at the heart of the matter is how to handle the signup form. Currently, when a user submits their info, the following information is collected:

    – Relationship to the student information submitted ( Student, Parent, Minister, etc. ) – [ select list ]
    – First name – [ text field ]
    – Last name – [ text field ]
    – Email – [ text field ]
    – Cell number – [ text field ]
    – Their graduation year – [ select list ]
    – School they are interested in attending – [ select list of schools entered in db ]
    – Church they are attending – [ text field ]

    When that form is submitted emails are sent to various people:

    – To the student whose email address was submitted
    – To the school representative ( their email address was included based on which school was selected )
    – To the overall coordinators of the project ( two different static emails )

    If you are still following this, thank you.

    The program sponsors are using Mail Chimp for email marketing purposes, and as it stands now, they have to pull a CSV file from the current site then import that CSV file into Mail Chimp every time they want to update their database. I would like to streamline that part of the process.

    My first thought was to use the Autochimp so that I can use site registration to manage Mail Chimp subscriptions. This seems like an ideal way to handle these signups. Doing things that way I run into a couple of problems:

    1 – How can I add the additional fields I need to add to the registration form? Which file(s) should I be looking at? Which functions would I be setting up filters for?
    2 – How can I send registration notifications to multiple emails?
    3 – Since the students will be signing up on one site in the network, how I can I limit the signup process to just that site? I realize that all users are in the same database, but I don’t want users to be taken to the parent site to submit their information.

    Can anybody offer some pointers on how this would work inside the WP system? Any suggestions would be helpful.


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  • Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    You just need a super jazzy contact form plugin. Gravity form would be the only I can think of that would come close. it’s a for-pay plugin.

    It looks like Register Plus Redux and Autochimp might be the way to go for the form and mailing issues, but one major issue has not been resolved.

    I want the users to only be able to sign up for one of the sites in my network. Even if the user account info goes into the general pool of users, the user should not be taken back to the main site to register. They don’t even need to know that the main site exists. How can I keep the redirect from taking them back to the main site to register?

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    make a page template from wp-signup.php, remove the redirects at the top.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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