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    I’m not seeing this in the current svn. It could be a theme issue, or a custom htaccess problem.

    Hmmmm. Indeed, with default theme it works, BUT! unless permalinks are set to use “day and name” format (which was my case). Well, actually it does log out but then redirects you to a link like “2008/11/12/——/” which causes “not found” screen to show up.

    Will look into my current theme.

    Updated comments.php in custom theme to be like one in default theme. Permalink issue remains, but login links work now.

    Hello there KLissRussia… I’m the developer of the Whitepress theme, can you please explain to me the problem? At my localhost everything runs smoothly… (what changes you made at the comments.php?!?)

    I’ve sent you a mail with patch. I think, issue is quite clearly described in the opening post (in short: login/logout links from comments.php (which gets displayed in single post view) do not work).

    I believe that it’s working on your localhost. Oh, how many times I was tempted to tell that to people, claiming that there’s a bug in software I wrote.
    But even if it works for you, it doesn’t guarantee that there’s no bug.

    I implement your suggestions and re-submitted the theme! Thanks again!

    So, are you going to post the fix for the rest of us? Or are we just to stay jacked up by an update that was not really due to roll out?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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