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  1. bvh
    Posted 6 years ago #

    A friend of mine has a problem, she has an hosted wordpress blog and accidentially fucked it up by uploading a theme with the plugin uploader.
    What happened is that wordpress thinks it is a plugin and tries to call it everywhere. The site is still working (there are only a few php warnings at the top) but logging in is impossible.

    I could shut off the plugins in the db or delete the folder in the ftp if I had acces, but i dont, is there any other way? I remember there being an idea to make some sort of safe-mode to switch it on but i think it never made stable...


  2. Without being able to log in, get access to the DB, or access the file system (ftp or otherwise), you won't be able to fix this.

    Have your friend contact her web host and ask them to delete that plugin's directory and files. After that your friend should get the details on how to access her hosts file system.

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