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  • So, I may have lied just now when I picked that I’m running version 3.2.. I’m actually not 100% sure about that, but I can’t get into my wordpress [hence my being here] to check, so I’ll just go with that. :/

    Basically, one day, out of the blue, I tried to login to my “wp-admin” and it just white-blank screened me. I hadn’t made any changes to the website, directly through the dashboard or FTP. I hadn’t touched it in a couple weeks, to be honest. Now the furthest I can get is /wp-admin to actually log in, but once it goes through, everything’s a white screen from there.

    Yes, I’m a “noob”, etc. No, I don’t know wtf I’m doing. …That’s why I’m here. lol.

    All I can do is say.. Please heyyylp!! [please picture gorgeous milla jovovich from 5th element saying this.. I do have orange hair, but I don’t think I’m nearly as persuasive. 😀 lol]


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  • Here’s a link explaining what to do if you get a blank screen:

    Typically, you have php error reporting turned off so it displays a white page instead of the actual error message.

    I *really* appreciate the help, but even though that says it’s “beginner level”, I’m lacking any and all understanding of anything I read on it..

    I don’t know, or think I have a “php.ini” file.. Or where to find it, or what to edit, or.. What to look for in the error log.. or.. lol

    Sorry. I said I was a noob. :/

    No worries! Basically, it sounds like you have error reporting turned off. If this is the case, your web hosting provider should be able to turn it on so you can see what the error message is, to troubleshoot it further.

    Also, post a link to the page and I’ll see if I can determine whats up for you.

    lol …Okay, I *think* I may have fixed it? I contacted my host and they said they’ve tried everything, and it looks like all I need to do is reinstall WP. So, I did that..

    Now everything seems ok? It’s running kinda super slow on my end, but otherwise, working!

    This is a seemingly successful moment, but I’m still a bit perplexed about what happened in the first place. I’d like to try and avoid this headache in the future, do you know what may have caused the problem?

    Thanks, btw!!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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