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  1. David_1
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    We have a unique login issue.||
    We are trying to use the Business Directory (log in), usual’s WP terminology (from a URL stand point to have the login ‘ee’ end up toing (instead of the Dashboard -) where one would begin working, to a) Profile setup using the Business Dashboard Plugin.

    I am new with the plugin and have read much but from what I understand the communication glitch is where the new User needs to land at the beginning of his / her Profile set up until completed opposed o the WordPress Dashboard where ay7oe one can work on anything.

    As I said the communication glitch is that the user needs to be identifiable as a ‘User who has his / her name as an Author. From what I gather Users in the (BusDir) simply occupy space in the Directory but the Users in the Business Directory Plugin cannot, and do not have permissions to the WP Dashboard. They can only be listed IN the Business Directory Plugin.

    In the Members Directory, NOT a normal User, he / she do not need to e registered with WP with a Role status.

    From what I have learnt thus far, Users who use the Business Directory Plugin are just that. -They are all part of a Directory on the website. The website ‘could be’ about anything, but this is the gist of the set up.

    What do I need?
    I need to find the file which generates the login information. What I would be doing is changing the URL to the URL that we require which is the first of login in and processing (by entering that persons data into thee Directory part of the Business. Once that login is successful, the User continues from Form Field through the section and can add images.

    I hope I have explained this dilemma well enough, with not too much text for a Sunday.

    The page where the Users need to land on and begin (what would be the normal WP URL just for siging in is at our:

    If you have some idea’s I would be very happy to hear what you have to say. Many thanks for your thoughts.

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    Please do not double post.
    This post will be the active one.

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