• Steve Kinzey


    Allow Users To Login/Sign Up Using Popular Social Platforms

    Install the plugin and follow the prompts. You will soon be able to access your administrative area via the credentials (such as but not limited to Facebook, Google, Apple, Discord, Github, Twitter, and Phone number) that you specify in the hello administrative area.

    Eliminate The Need For The User To Create One More Password

    Once you have done this, the option to log in using the hello login plugin means that those logging in to become a member or a customer can use any of the available options to join your site. Imagine one less security risk to be concerned with: the user does not have to create a password, nor do they have to remember which email they used to sign up for your website.

    The login credential comes from, and verification occurs with the platform from which users have chosen to pull their credentials to log in to your site.

    For example, when I installed the plugin, I used my google login credentials to log in to the site. My google login requires 2fa, so I needed to go through that step to log in to the site.

    Easy And Quick Installation

    Best of all, you can complete the above in less than 3 minutes, and the plugin is free. My meetup group just reviewed this plugin with the creator, and we all agree that this is a plugin that will make its mark on our community.

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