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  • [theme-my-login] use only this. for defaul registration page which tml created.

    Like I said, I used both the original and the modified shortcode. They both show the same thing. In fact, the Lost Password page shows the exact same thing.

    Deactivated, reactivated, uninstalled, reinstalled, deactivated all other plugins. Nothing fixed this.

    i think tml looks this page like a login page. can you try another pages with this default code for register. and use this page for login

    @bilimokur, are you one of the developers of this plugin? If not, please wait for them to reply. If you are, please read my previous posts.

    Плагин пользует страницу админки, а как добавить поля в ней или изменить существующие?

    Let me see if I can make this clearer…

    Every page that TML created (shown to logged out users), including Log In, Lost Password, Reset Password, and Register, shows the exact same thing.

    All using the default shortcode of [theme-my-login].

    (And I see that someone else just posted the same issue, in a separate thread.)

    I’m able to get the correct information, per page, by using the “default_action” attribute, in each respective TML shortcode.

    Hi Ed,

    This is the shortcode that works for me. Hope it helps

    [theme-my-login default_action="register"]

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    TML looks for a custom meta value with a key of “_tml_action” to know which page it is handling. If you’ve created your own pages, this won’t be set.

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    So I just did a fresh install of TML myself, and ran into this same problem. I ended up futzing with the plugin by adding various logging statements to try to understand what was happening…and traced it down in my case to the following:

    In the function ‘shortcode()’ in the main Theme_My_Login class, I need to move the following code outside of the main ‘if’ statement

    if (! empty ($this->request_action ))
       $atts['default_action'] = $this->request_action;

    For what ever reason, this function would be invoked twice. The first time, when $did_main_instance was not set, it would pick up the correct default action for the page. The second time, it would NOT find any default action, and create a new instance, which always displayed the login form.

    I have not tracked down why the shortcode is called twice, but likely it is due to my theme (wild ass guess at this point, theme is Divi). But this small change solved the problem for me.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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