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    I’m new to WP and was checking to see how user registration and login worked on my new site. I was surprised to find that login takes a user to the dashboard which would mean nothing to a normal site user. Is this the way it’s supposed to work?

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  • Thanks! I’ll try that plugin when I have more time. It seems to provide a lot of functionality.

    I am curious why WP was designed to take logged-in users to the dashboard which would completely mystify normal users.

    Why login then?

    Many blog owners think requiring login to comment discourages comments.

    I would provide login for users who (1) opt to get additional content in return for providing their contact information, (2) are members of specific groups who get to access their-group-only content, (3) have content specific to them only (specific clients), etc. That’s what user roles are all about.

    I’ve installed Peter’s Login Redirect and see that it uses roles, but I can’t find any way to add roles to my WP site, nor have I found a plugin to add roles. is there a way to add user roles?

    Don’t know that you need to add roles, as WordPress already has roles. But I will point you to the Role Manager Plugin listed in the Resources section of Roles and Capabilities.

    I suggest backing up your database before adding new roles so you have a fall back position just in case. See WordPress Backups.

    Thanks for that link to the info on backups. I’ve found plugins Role Scoper and Register Plus which seem like just what I was looking for, and I’ll definitely do a backup before I install them.

    Any words of wisdom regarding making sure the backup (and restore if required) work?

    Take the .sql file from the database backup and open in a text editor–good sign file is intact.

    >Take the .sql file from the database backup and open in a text editor–good sign file is intact.<

    You mean that if the .sql file opens in a text editor (notepad or wordpad), then it is not corrupted? And it if is corrupted, it probably won’t even open in a text editor?

    That’s right.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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