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    Hi Miguel,

    Some quick comments for you:

    – The text inside the shortcode only works with [uo_login].
    – You’re probably seeing the double login form because you used [uo_login] on the page you set as your login page in the module settings. That page must use [uo_login_ui], which doesn’t allow the custom text.
    – The redirect from /wp-admin/ to the login page, if you’re logged in as an admin, wouldn’t be our plugin. Maybe the site is http and admin is https?
    – You can’t have 2 login forms and use one for students and one for admins. It’s not possible, because it would break things like password reset.

    Hi Ryan:

    OK, I reverted to the [uo_login] and removed the Login Page selection in the module. That now displays my text, while logged-in, and removed the double Login Form. Good, I think.

    Clearly I don’t understand why and when to use the [uo_login_ui]
    Why and when to select the Login Page in the module.
    Would you please offer some clarification and examples.

    Also, thanks for suggesting the url variable. I was testing this on my Staging site which is http but when I applied the changes above and repeated the exercise on our Live https site, I logged into the Admin site via the standard WP Login Form then on the Live Site navigated to the Student Login Form on the Login Page. That settles that.

    I look forward to your reply

    Hi Ryan:

    Following up with the Login feature. I’m experiencing some serious roadblocks in attempting to generate a Student Profile / Account. I’m logged out as the admin.

    The Uncanny Owl login page doesn’t offer the option to Register or to reset Password

    Leaving the fields blank, and selecting Log In, redirects to the standard WP Login module

    I may be tenacious, but many visitors would be stumped

    Entering test credentials into the Login Fields> Log In> Locks me out v.v. WordFence, my security plugin / software
    It appears that the Login Form is attempting to login the visitor as an Administrator and Wordfence is proactively blocking any such attempt, because the entered UserName is NOT on the approved list.

    So, what am I doing wrong? Why can’t the would-be student register?

    BTW, if replicating this via the Staging Site ie. http://, with the [uo_login] both the Forgot Your Password and Register options are available.

    Again, thanks for your time,

    Hi Ryan:


    The reason why both the register and password reset are / were available via the Staging Site is because I still had the login page selected in the module.

    In an attempt to understand the nuance of using the two login option shortcodes, I keep reading your descriptions of these features over-and-over and correct me if I’m wrong, but should I understand that the [uo_login] is strictly for adding the Login Form anywhere on the site, whereas [uo_login_ui] is what SHOULD be used on the Login Page.

    Since it doesn’t allow me to add any text between the opening and closing instructions, I presume that I can drop it surrounded by text in the standard WP Editor OR ALSO within Visual Composer.

    I look forward to your feedback,

    Plugin Author Uncanny Owl


    Hi Miguel,

    I’m afraid that we’re unfortunately not always able to provide individual coaching for users of the free Toolkit. For that we try to lean on our Knowledge Base and screencasts as much as possible, but we’re certainly always interested in feedback and issue reports.

    What you described in your last message is exactly correct; [uo_login] for simple login forms throughout the site, [uo_login_ui] on the login page where password resets would also be performed.

    What we generally do on sites is put 2 columns where the [uo_login_ui] form would be vertically on the login page; one column with the shortcode and the other column with instructions and additional context. This sounds like what you’re trying to achieve with the additional text.


    I completely understand v.v. “coaching” and thanks for that confirmation.

    Thanks for your time,

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