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  • I use wordpress kind as a CMS system for about 20 users. All these users are relatively unskilled concerning computers, they surf the net with IE6.0 with all default settings. By default, IE6.0 has its privacy settings set to “Medium” which means that it blocks some types of cookies.

    It is not possible to Login with IE 6.0 with default privacy settings (“Medium”). As soon as you hit the “Login” button the pages shortly flickers and again presents you an empty login screen with empty username/password and no error message.

    If you change the Privacy settings to “Low” in IE 6.0 or use Firefox, or use IE7.0 beta, the Login works.

    I do not want to force all my users to use Firefox or explain them how to change the Privacy settings in IE6.0, so is there a way to fix this problem?

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  • No. (As far as I see it)

    WordPress needs cookies to store the login-information.

    I’ve just installed WordPress and 201 and am having the same problem. I cant log in as a user to comment on a blog using ie6. Is it just me or is the MADNESS? 95% of the world use ie and a blog is supposed to be a social computing tool!

    And i in medium security mode can happily save cookies, so I’m not sure that’s the answer.

    Has anyone investigated this further, or can anyone recommend some blogging software that will run in ie6?


    I also couldnt login using IE6… I’m using XP SP2 and had to set my privacy tab to medium to login, I know what you mean by wanting the experience to be seamless for your users, but changing the privacy settings might not be all that difficult for your users:

    1. in IE select menu “tools>Internet Options…>”
    2. select “Privacy” Tab
    3. move slider to medium and apply


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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