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    Which theme are you using? And what exactly did you do? And can you explain a little bit further the situation? What I can gather from the title and your description of the problem is that you created a custom registration page with a third party theme, and it the registration page will not appear in the homepage.



    i am using the flatsome theme. And I am using the User Registration plugin. The thing is the pop up for login happened even before getting the plugin. The login appears on the home page but only as a pop up. But the pop up does not include the registration part. It looks like it’s just WooCommerce/Wordpress login. It’s not the registration page I created.



    I have the same problem can you help me?



    Ohh Sure you can Easily stop This Popup Login In Flatsome theme and your problem can be fixed for google recaptcha and others do it
    1. find the code in my-account page woocommerce : data-open=”#login-form-popup” and remove it your problem solved.

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    2.If you cant find it use A plugin name real find and replace remove this code Done !!



    Hi, I have same problem. can somebody helps me please?
    I cant find that code and that plugin doesnt work.
    how to replace that
    <a href="" class="nav-top-link nav-top-not-logged-in" data-open="#login-form-popup">
    with that
    <a href="http://mywebsite/my-account/"class="nav-top-link nav-top-not-logged-in">

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