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  1. mizzmuzikluvr
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I know there have been a couple threads on this, but either they aren't identical to my problem, or I've tried all the fixes mentioned in them and it still doesn't work. Also, most of them are close to new replies.

    So. I have several wordpress installs on the server. One in the root folder (Main.) 30 in subfolders. (Main/wordp1, Main/wordp2, etc.)

    The domain attached the the host is, for example's sake: MainDomain.com

    Each of the wordpress installs has a subdomain (exampe: wordp2.MainDomain.com)

    Some months ago my company decided to change domains so while MainDomain.com is still what we use to FTP and access CPanel, our users use VanityDomain.com.

    So, at the start of today, one of my installs was fine. I would access is at wordp2.MainDomain.com, or alternately http://MainDomain/wordp2.

    But, its time to change this install over to the new domain. So, I set up a subdomain in our Godaddy hosted VanityDomain. (wordp2.VanityDomain.com) and I changed the URL settings in the admin panel to (http://wordp2.VanityDomain.com).

    if I type in wordp2.VanityDomain.com, it redirects nicely to VanityDomain/wordp2 and the site looks good.

    Then, I attempted to login. My login page at http://VanityDomain/wordp2/wp-login.php keeps redirecting me back to itself. The user/pass combo is correct, and its not giving any errors. It just acts like I refreshed the page.

    I tried Using the host domain (http://MainDomain.com/wordp2/wp-login.php) and when I put in my credentials and click log in, it sends me to VanityDomain/wordp2/wp-login.php

    There are 2 other installations using subdomains off of the Vanity domain. They work perfectly and log in fine.

    I have tried:
    -Checking the WP_Options table url. It is (http://wordp2.VanityDomain.com)
    -uninstalling/reinstalling wordpress
    -using no plugins (There are none on the new install)
    -manually typing http://VanityDomain/wordp2/wp-admin/
    -clearing my cookies
    -using Chrome, Firefox and IE
    -adding define('WP_HOME','http://wordp2.VanityDomain.com');
    to my wp-config.php file.

    I have NOT deleted/renamed/edited my htaccess file for fear it will disturb my other installations. Is that a possibility? If not, I will gladly rename that as well.

  2. mizzmuzikluvr
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Additional info:

    I changed the URL in the WP_Options table back to wordp2.MainDomain.com

    Now I can log in using wordp2.MainDomain.com/wp-login.php with no redirect problems.

    I can also still view the site at wordp2.VanityDomain.com

    Also, the "Log In" links on the page now point to wordp2.MainDomain.com/wp-login.php.

    The trouble is, my editors will have to use one domain to give to the users(wordp2.VanityDomain.com) and another to log in(wordp2.MainDomain.com).

    So I still need to know why when the site is set up with the Vanity domain logging in redirects.

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