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  • Hi all, I have been running WordPress site for a couple of years now. One particular of them is called Express Bloggers which is a public site (where anyone can register and blog). Recently, I lost its previous dot com domain for some technical difficulties and have moved my site to .net. I’ve done all the necessary mySQL editing to work fine with the new .net domain. Everything went fine until I activated maintenance mode plugin and logged out of my admin area.

    Since then, I cannot log in. Logging in redirects to a blank page with the link “” shown in the location bar.

    I think I must mention that the same problem occurred after the move when I tried to delete some old plugins from my site. Each time I deleted a plugin, a blank page was shown instead of the plugin list. However, the concerned plugins had been deleted successfully so I didn’t worry about the blank page that much. Now it seems to be impossible to go into the admin area because of this blank page issue.

    In case you want to know how I moved, I exported all posts from WordPress Tools, and exported Wp-users and wp-usermeta tables from the database. Then I moved all the wordpress files (including themes and plugins) to the new host (I changed the hosting as well) and created a new database which triggered me to reinstall WordPress. I reinstalled, imported the wp-users and wp-usermeta tables and then imported the posts using WordPress importer plugin before finally assigning the posts to relevant users. Before all of this, I used a plugin called search and replace to transform all .com urls to .net in the mySQL and it worked perfectly well.

    Now this blank page issue has made it impossible to sign in. Anyone please recommend an advanced way that I can use to fix this problem. Thanks in advance.

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  • If you have FTP access, connect to the server via FTP and change the name of the plugins folder. Then see if you can access wp-admin. If you get access back, turn the plugins on one at a time and check to see if the problem comes back, this way you can narrow it down to one plugin.

    I would delete it, but you may need to find a plugin that provides similar functionality.

    Hi ahuggins,

    Take a bunch of thanks for your solution. It did work. But how can I really get a workaround with this? I mean, I can’t figure out which plugin is causing this. Renaming the plugin folder fixes the problem until I rename it to


    again. Can you tell me what should I do now? It’s gonna be a real pain if I have to delete the entire plugin folder and then download and install all the plugins because there are lots of settings saved with them.

    Considering you said this started when you activated the maintenance mode plugin, delete that plugin. Rename the folder back to “plugins” and then login. That should probably do it.

    I tried it but didn’t seem to work. I think the best is replace all the plugins with new ones. So I deleted all plugins inside the plugin folder and now reinstalling them individually using WordPress interface.

    Thank you so much for your advice. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to figure out what to do.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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