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  • Hi codathon67,

    I’m not sure what the trouble is. When I click on the Login link it presents the Log In screen which is the expected behavior. Could you give us some more details please? Are you receiving any errors?


    Once you type in all username and pass it does nothing but refresh.

    Of course it’s impossible to test that without a valid login.

    Well i would love to make an account for you but that wouldn’t work because i can do any thing.

    Are you sure you have the correct user name & password? This may help.

    cant* oops

    Yes i had most of my members try as well. if i could just reset my general settings i might have luck

    Did you change something in the general settings?

    The url but after i got messed up i fixed it but i dont know if that worked. is there a way to reset it?

    Ok so i used all of them there used FTP and My server hosters file manger and none of them are working.

    You should not need to use all of them. One at a time.

    Another option would be to move your WordPress files to wherever you specified in the settings that they should be. So, if your URL was and you removed /blog in the settings, you can move the files from /blog to the root and then they will be where the database expects them to be. There may be a few more things you would need to check but that would get the site back up.

    After it refreshes, try going to, as sometimes I find the referrer url is the login page, which continues to display, but you’ve actually logged in.

    See if you can access the Admin panel anyways.

    This problem is usually caused by the siteurl or the home option in the database not being correct.

    If you have access to your MySQL server, check the wp_options table and search for option_name = siteurl and then search for option_name = home and make sure both of them are set to the full address of your site.

    I had this issue when my site was at and this was set to

    You can also manually disable all plugins by setting the option “active_plugins” to “” (a blank string) and it may help.


    Whiteatom do you know of any tutorial of how to do that, i found the mysql but i cant so how i can do what you said.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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