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  1. DarkFlame
    Posted 7 years ago #

    My website is here: http://www.customerservicerules.com running the iNove theme, ver 1.2.3.

    I've got Sidebar Login ver 2.1.7 running in the North sidebar & it looks good. I've also got Register Plus ver 3.5.1 running that allows non-members to register (but also provides a "back-door" type of login). Plus, I've got BM Custom Login ver 1.3 running that allows me to have something other than the generic WordPress screen/logo when using the Register Plus functionality.

    Of course, one must first register before being able to login. But, I've found that trying to login from the sidebar sends people to the wrong screen, causing a 404 error. The page where it sends people is http://customerservicerules.readycashhomebuyers.com/#login in IE ver 7.0.5730.13, and in Firefox ver 3.0.5 it's <a http://customerservicerules.readycashhomebuyers.com/www.customerservicerules.com#login

    I'm not terribly concerned that one browser gets a different redirect from another. I am concerned that they don't both send the member back to the home page of http://www.customerservicerules.com

    Background info: The main domain is readycashhomebuyers.com and the customerservicerules.com is an add-on domain that exists in the sub-folder. But, it should work as it's own domain. I did have a test blog at http://www.readycashhomebuyers.com/blog, and I'm using the same database.

    So, I think it may be a database issue, but I can't find the link anywhere in the database, and I can't find any link in any PHP file that points to where the login is supposed to send members. I'm early enough in development that it won't hurt business to completely wipe out the whole thing and start over from scratch, even creating an entirely new (& differently named) mySQL database. But, I'd like some reassurance that this should solve the problem.

    Any, and all, comments, suggestions, help, etc., will be GREATLY appreciated.

  2. DarkFlame
    Posted 7 years ago #

    First, I do not appreciate whoever anonymously retitled my post from "Login redirecting to wrong page" to that long thing that does not accurately describe the problem. I especially consider that it was done anonymously to be a real chicken thing - someone's not even proud enough of what they do to take ownership of their actions. Worse, yet, those of us that post have no ability to edit our posts, so the changes, as inaccurate as they are, are apparently permanent - unless the "hidden person" changes them back.

    And, here's the proof that it does not accurately describe the problem.

    I have completely wiped out the blog, totally deleting everything from the server, including the mySQL database. I've created a brand spanking new database with a completely different name, created a different admin user, totally & completely redone the entire thing from the ground up. I have not installed any of the registration plugins. And, I have started testing from the point of original installation.

    When I login, using the built-in meta (that I can't figure out how to edit) it redirects me to the Dashboard page. This is not what I want, I want it to redirect back to the MAIN URL of http://www.customerservicerules.com -- Fixing that would be a start.

    When I do install the very newest version of Sidebar Login, it then redirects me to the URL of http://customerservicerules.readycashhomebuyers.com -- This will bring up the page because customerservicerules.com is an add-on domain of readycashhomebuyers.com. However, I do NOT want the URL to reflect that. It needs to go to http://www.customerservicerules.com -- the same page that I want the meta login to provide.

    As I am proceeding no further in the rebuild of my blog until I have this issue resolved, I'd appreciate any help possible. Even just telling me where to look for the links so that I can edit them will be great. I've looked through lots of php & css files, but haven't found anything, yet.

    San Antonio, TX

  3. creativefield
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I too have a related problem. I am using Register Plus and Sidebar. Everything is fine (registration goes smoothly), unless someone selects the "Lost my Password" Link. Once they select this, they have the option to type in their password or under this field that are two links. 1)Login 2)Register. If they select Login, they are redirected to this page: http://blog.myblog.com/wp-login.php.

    As mentioned in the previous post, I would like any links to the wp-login redirected to the home page of the blog as it is confusing to subscribers when they login to the Dashboard.

    There could be more loopholes in this as 3 out of 15 subscribers had problems and ended up needing to be "verified" users even though that option in Register Plus was turned off.

    The theme is Elements of SEO 1.4
    Wordpress 2.7

  4. Ulvi Yelen
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I am facing the very very same problem. I am using the same theme(inove), and same plugins and same problem. Does installing the older version solve this issue?

  5. bartaa
    Posted 7 years ago #

    i´m also looking for the solution to redirect the users after registering to the main-page (www.site.com) instead of http://www.site.com/wp-login.php?checkemail=registered

    How do i do this ? please help!

  6. ymf
    Posted 7 years ago #

    DarkFlame, I've visited your site (customerservicerules.com) and it triggered multiple virus / trojan alerts in my anti-virus program.

    Hope it helps

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